Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Fashion of the Victorian era is highly romanticized in books and movies. The romantic and dramatic feel of 19th century dresses makes them look like they were designed for a queen. And if here is one day that women deserve to feel like a queen, it’s her wedding day.

Victorian-era dresses are known for looking very heavy and bulky. Fortunately, fabrics blends now used to make wedding dresses are lighter than they were. Thus greatly enhancing how comfortable they are. Nowadays you can find beautiful variations of Victorian style mixed with modern necklines, patterns, and fabrics.

vintage style wedding dress

An important aspect to take into account when buying a wedding dress online or without previously trying it on is that it may not look as full on its own.

In reality, the Victorian masquerade ball gowns you see online look full because they have a petticoat also called a hoop skirt under them. It’s important to ask the vendor if the petticoat is built in or at least included.

Finally, Victorian style wedding dresses are usually ball gowns or A-line shaped dresses. If you want to have something a bit different you can choose a bustle back style with draped fabric converging at the tailbone. Details such as high neck or a button up back will give that vintage feel to a lace mermaid dress, while still keeping a modern line.

Don’t let other people’s opinions dictate your choice. If you always wanted to wear a lavish Victorian ball gown, but you were told it wouldn’t look good with your body shape than obviously, you’re not being objective. Don’t be afraid to try anything you think would feel amazing in. If you like what you see in the mirror than you got the right one. Be proud of who you are and express it in the choice of your ideal dress.